Upcoming Litters


Multi-Gen, Black and Chocolate Goldendoodles

25-30lbs. We are excited for this litter for two main reasons: the temperament of these puppies will be FANTASTIC and the unique coloring of these goldendoodles! Lulu is a gentle, "old soul". We have had one litter from her and just recently got to meet one of her full grown offspring.  He is just like his momma. Black goldendoodles are not common and would be a perfect addition for any family who likes something unique in the coloring of their furry friend. 

We currently have male and females available in this litter. Ready to go home now!

Puppies are $2500

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Mulit-Gen Chocolate Goldendoodles

Puppies will grow to be approximately 40-50lbs. Our chocolate bloodlines have been the direction we encourage people to adopt from who are looking for a service or therapy companion.  They are our most calm, connected to their humans, and excellent for families with severe allergy concerns. We get a really silky, wavy coat from the majority of the litter with just a few with a curly coat. 

Male and Females are now available. Ready to bring home now!

Puppies are $2500.

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Medium Multi Gen ,Chocolate Goldendoodles

Puppies will grow to be approximately 45-55 lbs, non shedding and absolutely the sweetest, most mellowdoodlesever.  If you are specifically looking for a therapy, service or emotional support companion, I would direct you to this litter. 

We are now accepting Adoption Applications and Deposits for this litter. Males and Females available.

Ready to go home April 14th. Puppies are $2500

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***SPRING 2023 Litters Are Open for Deposits***

Mini Bernedoodles

30-35lbs, Tri Colored, White Tri and Sable

puppies expected from TillieXBridgerton and PippaXFinn. Tillie and Pippa are going to be mommas next spring. Both females came directly from TRDoodles and we are so excited to provide non shedding, mellow temperament, and super smart mini bernedoodles.  Please look at our website to see details on these four parents. 

$2900. Ready in May/June timeframe.

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