Mini Apricot Goldendoodle (stud)

Bently here! I am your total cute factor apricot Goldendoodle. I smile, play with all the kids, especially the boys. The best cuddle bug ever. My family are my favorite people and I follow them everywhere they go.

I was born 8/2021

Project at 15-25lbs

Will be a daddy summer of 2022

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Miniature Tri-Poodle (stud)

Hi I am little Bridgerton. I love to hang out and play with other dogs. Am very energetic and lovable with my family. I am usually smiling. My next favorite thing to do is snuggle with my family as much as I can. I love them.

I was born 7/17/2021 and weight 12lbs

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Tri-Colored Standard Poodle (stud)

Hey there I am Checkers. I am a pretty chill guy and enjoy a quieter simpler life. My family says I am an "old soul" kinda guy. I am the loyalest of them all to my family as I love them greatly.

I was born 5/2016 and weigh 50lbs

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Mini F1 Goldendoodle

Hi I am Conroy! I am a a service companion and alert dog for my human family! I love going to new places and meeting new friends.

I was born 8/2021 and weight 35lbs

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Mini Bernedoodle (stud)

Hey hey I am Finnegan or you can call me "Finney" too. I am quite the talker actually using my voice. I love to push up against you getting as much rubs and pets as I can. I spend my days with my two Kidds one who is a special needs guy and is very close to me too. My favorite game is tug and I love to play "race me up the stairs" I always win.
I was born 1/17/2021 and weigh 30lbs

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Chocolate Goldendoodle (stud)

Hi I am Murphy! I am an exercise junky... no really I love to go hiking with my family on our 14 mile hikes together. I am very playful in fact I love to listen to music and dance even. On chill days you will find me lounging on the couch with my fam.

I was born 11/2019 and weigh 50lbs

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